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How To Treat Candida Without Medication

How you can treat yeast infection without prescription medication. Around the world yeast infection patients like yourself are battling tough to get rid of their bacterial infections. One of the problems is that most start off by using prescription or over-the-counter medications which they generally apply topically to the area of the infection.

How you can take care of candida fungus with out prescription medication

Whilst the symptoms might disappear after a while, your infections can keep returning, and you may be searching for home remedies for your yeast infection because you already know that the result of this type of treatment for many sufferers is that. The reason being these prescription drugs focus on the signs or symptoms, not the fundamental lead to(s). And, for several patients, these drugs likewise have some unpleasant unwanted effects.


That is why, progressively, yeast infection affected individuals like on your own are seriously looking to find out how to treat yeast infection in your own home…

But before we go over some of the natural home remedies for yeast infection, let’s revise what we know of the cause of your infection, because this will help you understand the power of natural home remedies.

Candida fungus Albicans! This is just what triggers the signs or symptoms you know like a yeast infection. This is a minute fungus that resides in the body without resulting in us any problems at all, till something occurs that allows it to develop sufficiently ample which it causes infection.

Your body has it’s own beneficial bacteria to help fight the Candida fungus so that it’s numbers are kept in check at sufficiently low levels. That is the reason that it can be in your body without any harm. However, when your friendly bacteria become compromised, then they can’t prevent the Candida Albicans fungus ‘overgrowing’ into a yeast infection.

We talked earlier about mainstream treatment and how, because of it’s side effects and only addressing the symptoms, that sufferers like yourself are trying to figure out how to treat their yeast infections at home using natural remedies. So, let’s now see what you can do at home to eliminate your yeast infection…

1. Basic YOGURT

Many sufferers are finding that this is a very effective way to treat a yeast infection at home, because plain yogurt contains active cultures that can help kill the Candida fungus. But it has to be simple, unsweetened yogurt without fresh fruit or chemicals.

If you have a vaginal infection you can coat a tampon with it and leave in overnight, you can apply the yogurt to the affected area, or. Repeat nighttime up until the symptoms go. Additionally it is better to try to eat a great deal the exact same kind of natural yogurt daily to help address the Candida maybe you have in your gut. Suggestion: mark whilst keeping the bath tub useful for app apart from others for ingesting from the fridge, hence they can’t be wrongly recognized.

2. The apple company CIDER White vinegar

This can be another really, extremely outdated do-it-yourself solution getting used more and more. It can be absolutely packed with helpful things such as aminovitamins and acids, locate elements,minerals and nutrients, and so on. But, it ought to be the raw, unpasteurized and un-distilled form you will get from the well being foods shop. Not simply will it be loaded with helpful ingredients, it could alter your system pH, which helps to prevent the Candida’s progress.

Use as a douche by adding 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 2 quarts of warm water and use a cotton pad. Or, cook a sitz-type bath tub (very low bathtub) by having 2 servings of white vinegar into a reduced, comfortable bath. You can also beverage it to assist you internally, with the help of 2 to 3 teaspoons to your sizeable cup water and beverage 3 sunglasses daily.


Because garlic is a natural antifungal agent, many women swear by this one. Smash a peeled clove of garlic cloves in a mixture and apply within the area affected. For inside your vaginal area, constitute a tampon by covering a peeled clove in muslin, or very similar cloth, whilst keeping in overnight. Replicate nightly before the signs and symptoms disappear completely.

There you have it: 3 ways regarding how to take care of yeast infection in your house, away from very many you can test. It will appear that some work better for some people than the others. You’ve just became to learn which(s) operate well for you.

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